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About Our Cloaks
Everything is made here in the USA!!!

These cloaks are perfect for the children................. They are a rayon poly blend so smooth and wonderful they will want to live in it.
Machine washable..tumble dry low.
Our cloaks are 42 " from the shoulders to the floor and a full 60" around. Each cloak
has a large hood lined in black panne velvet. Pictured is the plush velvet cloaks. Please reference the panne cloaks page for the panne velvet material.

Machine washable ! The cloaks are fastened with a frog closure, just like the adult cloaks. These cloaks are just like the adult cloaks....only smaller.
$34.95.... Panne velvet......Fully lined in Black panne

$49.95.... Plush Velvet Childrens Cloak..Fully lined with black panne velvet
Shipping is $12.95 for the first item
and $8.75 for each additional item


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