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Everything is made here in the USA!!!

Any questions you may have feel free to get in touch.

Welcome to the feedback page. These are unsolicited comments from customers. I have not changed them in any way.

"I have many friends in the ren fair business and many people in the SCA. My family is originally from southern California and when I went to visit the last time my cousin showed me one of your cloaks. now my group of friends out here are looking for some good cloaks for all weather. So I bought one of your cloaks to show quality does not mean $500. I am hoping they will follow my lead"

"I just got the cloaks about a 1/2 hour ago. Of course I ripped open the
boxes immediately!!! They are magnificent, terrific, stupendous, outrageously
fantastic!!! ;) Well sewn, and fit amazingly. I'm about 5'8" and I weigh 230,
I cannot say enough about your willingness to put express service on them, 2
lined cloaks and 1 unlined delivered within 5 days, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY
else would have done that. The colors are rich and vibrant, Thank you so much!!"

"just wanted to let you know that my son got his cloak and loves it! thanks, robyn"

I will update this as I get more comments. Thank you so much for your interest!!

Just click this address to send us e-mail:

Or give us a call at 323-997-9903.

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